just HAD to share this cutie…

This is one of my little baby steps girls that is growing up! I just finished this adorable collage and wanted to share it with you…



i love this family!

Meet the Johanders… they have been gracing my studio since Quinn was a baby. I have looked forward to each and every visit from them. Watching these kids grow up has been such a joy. We don’t want our kids to ever grow up… but if they must, why not capture those adorable stages when they’re not afraid to be silly or tell their story through their expressions. They welcomed a new baby last November…. so I know I get to see them often!!

Enjoy some of my favorite images of the Johander kids that I have taken through the years…


this is adorable, silly Quinn. 9-06


Quinn and Paige with the lollipops. He’s the best big brother ever! 4-07


Paige is already a fashionista. 11-07


I sure hope they love each other this much when they’re teenagers! 11-07


serious cuteness! 9-08


My favorite super heroes! 5-09


Oh my… are these two kids way too adorable? I can hardly stand it. 11-09


Quinn and Paige with their new little sister Reece. 11-10


Just another bundle of cuteness! Just sayin… 11-10


Another adorable image of baby Reece… 12-10