stop and smell the peonies…

every once in a while… miss beth waltzes into the studio with a handful of gorgeous flowers. my favorites are the lilacs and peonies. i always know we have a couple days of this beauty and amazing aroma. every time i walk by them i have to stop whatever i am doing and take a huge whiff, close my eyes and smile.


it reminds me that we should do this more often in life. not just to take in the beautiful smell of a fresh flower, but to hug our kids or best friends. to tell our families we love them. to say hello and smile to a stranger on the street. to take a walk and listen to the birds chirping. take in all the beauty God has put in front of us every day and hold close those who are special in our lives. by blessing others with kindness and love, we can only get that back to us tenfold. have a great day today!


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