what inspires me…

people often ask me, “what inspires you?” well… it’s a difficult question to answer because life inspires me. How do I put that into words? I watch life. I watch people. I see what is beautiful. I see what is heartbreaking. I notice what makes me giggle and what makes me cry. Peoples stories inspire me, and I love to hear them. One thing that I have learned in this beautiful life of mine… is to enjoy the moments as they are given to me. The good and the bad. Thank God it’s been way more good than bad. I have seen so many friends, families & clients lives hit with hard struggles this past year. We never know when we will face something difficult. When someone will fall ill… or a job will be lost… or worse, lose someone. I had an ah-ha moment this past year as I was asked to photograph a beautiful young family as the way too young man was facing cancer. These are my favorite AND most dreaded sessions ever. I want to go in and capture what might be the last moments they will have, yet fighting to believe it will end. Having faith that they will be OK and that family will be together many many years, yet knowing they may have only a few months. I set out to capture their love together. Their moment in time that God so gracefully gifted them. Not long after the session, David lost his battle and Breanna and Layla would have to go on without him. But knowing that I was able to create a forever memory for them and especially baby Layla as she grew up always having those images to look back on. My ah-ha moment? To go into each session as if that was their last. Sounds gruesome, but it makes it MORE important to me to capture their spirit and love for life, whether it is a family or a baby or a high school senior… I don’t want to photograph generic expressionless smile, I want to capture laughter, love and life. Here are a few images from my favorite session of the past year…


I have decided to ramp up my posts here… if you noticed, I haven’t posted for a whole year!!! holy cow. I wanna have more fun chatting with you all and letting you into my life and photo adventures… so stay tuned…


One thought on “what inspires me…

  1. like it or not i will be your biggest fan…..i love the written word and hearing what’s on people’s hearts~ xo

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