adorable kids & bunnies…

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite bunny sessions from this past special. The bunnies were babies and adorable. The kids even more so! I always enjoy these sessions so much… 




i love this family!

Meet the Johanders… they have been gracing my studio since Quinn was a baby. I have looked forward to each and every visit from them. Watching these kids grow up has been such a joy. We don’t want our kids to ever grow up… but if they must, why not capture those adorable stages when they’re not afraid to be silly or tell their story through their expressions. They welcomed a new baby last November…. so I know I get to see them often!!

Enjoy some of my favorite images of the Johander kids that I have taken through the years…


this is adorable, silly Quinn. 9-06


Quinn and Paige with the lollipops. He’s the best big brother ever! 4-07


Paige is already a fashionista. 11-07


I sure hope they love each other this much when they’re teenagers! 11-07


serious cuteness! 9-08


My favorite super heroes! 5-09


Oh my… are these two kids way too adorable? I can hardly stand it. 11-09


Quinn and Paige with their new little sister Reece. 11-10


Just another bundle of cuteness! Just sayin… 11-10


Another adorable image of baby Reece… 12-10



I had the fortune of spending some time in Guatemala over the holidays. It had been 13 years since I really had a chance to go back and connect with old friends and travel. I visited with the family that my kids and I sponsor through my families organization Really puts life in perspective to see how happy they are with so little material. They know where the value in life is. But then I already knew that. Enjoy some of the images!

minneapolis photographers, childrens photography

a guatemalan street fair

minneapolis photographers, portrait photographers, childrens photography

adorable old lady watching a parade

minneapolis photographers, childrens photography, portrait photographers

a group of men playing cards...

minneapolis photographers, childrens photography

a group of giggly girls

minneapolis photographers, childrens photography

this girls mom used to work with us when we lived in Guatemala. She is the same age as Jessica

minneapolis photographers, childrens photography


beautiful Antigua

volcano near Antigua

winning awards…

I recently went to a photography convention to help inspire me and make me a better photographer. I entered several images in competition and came away a winner! I received 5 national merit awards and won the baby panel category. Here are the image winners!

portrait photography, baby photography, minneapolis photographers, portrait photographers

this is the image that won first place in the baby category!

minneapolis photograhers, portrait photographers, baby photography

this collage won a national merit award

senior photography, senior photos, senior portraits, minneapolis photographers

this entry won a national merit for design.

senior photography, senior photos, senior portraits, minneapolis photographers

this collage won a national merit award for the senior girl category.

senior photography, senior photos, senior portraits, minneapolis photographers